Rich Meares




        Wow, it's hard to believe that the last PS column I wrote was for April! Sheesks! It's kinda been a crazy summer with so many things to do both at home and work. One of the things we did was have a family get together for Dad's 93rd birthday. It's been years since we got all of Dad's children, grand-children and great grandchildren together in one place, and this past August, they all descended on my house to wish him a very happy birthday, indeed. How do you top that? Have most of them back in October for Dad's Jazz Trio and Dinner!

        Last year, as you may recall, my father played at The Jazz Loft in Stonybrook. It was a wonderful night of jazz with Dad and Pat, accompanied by a guitarist, a bass, a drummer, and the owner of the The Jazz Loft, Tom Manuel, on trumpet, occasionally. It was two 45 minute sets with an inteIDlission, and the place sold out with extra chairs lining the back wall. Well, this past winter, Tom called to see if Dad would do another show, but unfortunately, Dad says doing two 45 minutes sets is getting to be a bit much for him, .and so, sadly, had to say no.

        But what about doing a shorter show at the church, Pat wondered? After kicking the idea around a bit, Dad called me this past spring and asked if I was going to do the Haunted Theatre this autumn. He want- ed to do a jazz show and dinner, but thought it might be a bit much having both the Haunted Theatre and a jazz show back to back, so if I were going to do the Haunted Theatre in October, he would wait till spring to do the jazz show. Well, I'm the busiest I've ever been at work, and I've been wanting to work with Dad on a book he started many years ago, and had been wondering how I would manage to fit the Haunted Theatre in there, too, so I told him that I'd rather have him do the show in the Autumn. It would give me a break with my heavy schedule, and I'd get to hear him do a jazz show sooner rather than later. Over the summer, a bassist and drummer were found, and Dad convinced Pat to sing some numbers for the show. She would only do it if someone else did the dinner, she told me, and so, Carolyn Falanga was good enough to take care of the dinner portion of the evemng.

        The night is set for Saturday, October 21 st, at 7 pm. Don't miss out, and don't wait to order your tickets. Last year, many people waited too long to see the show at the Jazz Loft and got locked out when the show sold out early. Now, it is true that they had the added publicity of a story about the Jazz Loft that featured Dad in Newsday at the time, and that there was also a piece done about him on WNYV, Fox 5, which certainly helped boost sales last year. But we're trying to get News 12 interested in doing a story this year, and if one airs, tickets will fly out the window, I'm sure. We should be so lucky to get such great publicity, right? But, I just wanted to warn you that you don't want to miss out on tickets just because you waited. Tickets are only $20 and include both dinner and entertainment. So, come on down to the Fellowship Hall this October 21 st and have a great dinner, hear Dick Meares and his trio play some cool jazz, and just have an all-around great time!